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My people wander at dusk
Chasing the night back in the woods
Disguised in fear, trapped in anguish
My people is invisible

Our stones bend toward the skies
Either by defiance or submission
Or is it just the adoration?
My people will always explore

When we kneel down before the fathers
We close our eyes in reverence

The ones living between us and the gods
Are the wanderers of the invisible
My people will never forget
The holy tales

A wild beast is a godhead to us
And we seize the beast with a mark on the wall
Divine drawings out of colors and shapes
And confront whatever exceeds our understanding

Connecting these worlds
We rise to a new level
We call for the gods
This is the new visible symbol

In this very moment
The passing of the sun
Illuminates with liquid light
The carving of our lives in the stone

This is where my people is born
This is where we learnt to walk
This is the place that owns our memories
A world ruled by luminaries


from Laniakea, released October 21, 2016



all rights reserved


Mantra France

Mantra finds itself at the crossroads of multiple influences and proposes a rich music with sharp rythms, powerful riffs and bewitching atmospheres. The four frenchies invite you to enter their own universe, mixing strong emotions you won't ever forget. ... more

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